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School Improvement Plan


School Improvement - Main Priorities 2019/21


Every year we write a School Improvement Plan which outlines the key areas we have identified as an area for focus, improvement and development throughout the next year.


As a whole school we will be focusing on many areas however we have identified three key priorities, as seen below.

Priority 1: To develop our 21st Century curriculum to truly meet the personal and academic needs of our children

Our curriculum has been established for 5 years and even though during this time we have continued to review and evaluate the impact on our children’s learning, we have decided to fully audit the whole curriculum. We would wish for our curriculum to meet the demands of the national curriculum as well as meeting the needs’ of our children, making sure that all aspects of their development are secure in order for them to be the dynamic, confident and resilient learners in this 21st Century.

Priority 2: To continue to achieve ambitious standards for all pupils sustaining progress already made

Nelmes Primary School has had excellent outcomes for pupils in both attainment and progress and achievement. Our staff have high standards for all pupils and expect pupils to make very good progress, regardless of their starting point. Our standards are ambitious for all children and sustaining these excellent outcomes takes a focused and dedicated approach all leaders of learning.


Priority 3: To develop and establish a Nelmes ARP, creating an integrated and inclusive environment

All our stakeholders are committed to developing a Nelmes ARP which would continue with our inclusive approach and meet the needs of children with complex learning needs. This will take a concerted effort from all parties, including the local authority, to ensure that the ARP is both fit for purpose in build and led by a well trained staff, dedicated in improving outcomes for the children. 



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