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School Improvement Plan


School Improvement - Main Priorities 2018/19


Every year we write a School Improvement Plan which outlines the key areas we have identified as an area for focus, improvement and development throughout the next year. 


As a whole school we will be focusing on many areas however we have identified three key priorities, as seen below.


Priority 1: To secure greater depth learning in all curriculum areas to increase pupil outcomes

We have focused on ensuring the majority of children are meeting their year group expectations and as these expectations were increased greatly from the previous curriculum, it was important that we established this learning.  We are now building on this and the focus from last year on achieving Greater depth learning.  Our end of key stage results show that the our children achieve well above national in the area of greater depth however it’s important for us to establish and embed good practice across all subject areas and ensure staff understand greater depth learning and how to provide opportunities for this.  

 Priority 2: To establish a leadership journey by developing strategic capacity, improving outcomes for children  

 It is imperative that all leaders of learning have a clear understanding of the school vision and values and how their role[s] in the school fit in to this.  Additional training and regular meetings with senior staff will form part of the provision to make sure all our staff are fully invested in our school priorities.  We will continue to build on leadership throughout this next year with a clear focus on staff leadership skills and development.  This focus ensures good succession planning and drives excellent outcomes for all pupils across all subject areas.

Priority 3: To ensure systems, processes and record keeping are fit for purpose and are compliant with GDPR 

All institutions must review their practice in how they request, store and use data.  We must ensure we are compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations and ensure that the information we hold about staff, children and families is in line with the new expectations.


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