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Mathematics at Nelmes


Our aim is to create an enthusiasm and enjoyment of the subject, ensuring all children are confident and capable mathematicians when they leave Nelmes. We achieve this by linking, where possible, maths teaching to real life situations. Our children are taught to problem solve and use mental calculation skills from EYFS to Year 6. Maths is taught through a range of practical, mental and oral work and more formal methods of recording are introduced gradually as the children progress to Year 6. The skills and concepts covered will be revisited and reinforced throughout their time at school.

We follow the National Curriculum, which provides objectives and guidance for delivering mathematics. In the Early Years the curriculum is guided by the EYFS framework. To help deliver the curriculum we use a range of support materials including Abacus Evolve and Maths on Target.


In Early Years the children are encouraged to explore number, counting, shape, space and measure through a range of role play and practical activities. Maths is also taken beyond the classroom into the outside learning environment.

 Key Stage 1

The children continue to explore and learn key mathematical skills using practical learning and gradually when they are ready shown how to record calculations. They begin to recall key number facts and to work with simple fractions.

 Lower Key stage 2.

The children continue to develop their mental recall skills and refine their written methods for calculation. They continue to focus on whole numbers then begin to move onto decimal places and fractions.

 Upper Key Stage 2.

Focus is given to formal methods. Children move away from whole numbers to decimals, fractions, percentages; learning how they interlink.

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