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Listening, speaking, reading and writing all make up the core elements of the English curriculum.  At Nelmes Primary School our children are taught to actively listen, and speak articulately and with confidence.  They become fluent, expressive readers who are able to comprehend a wide variety of texts and the children develop the necessary skills required to write in detail and at length across a range of genres.

In order to become accomplished and master skills in these key areas, the school has developed a clear, systematic and progressive approach which develops an enjoyment of English, an area prevalent in so many other subjects.


Children’s early English skills are developed with a focus on spoken grammar and vocabulary growth. Children begin learning phonetic sounds.  They learn to match sounds and letters which is an essential part of early reading and writing development.

Key Stage 1

Children continue with a structured phonics programme which moves in to learning spelling patterns.  Children’s reading fluency becomes well developed alongside questioning to ensure children fully comprehend the text they are reading.  The children’s writing improves as children learn appropriate use of spelling, grammar and punctuation whilst also communicating, through the written word, text which is interesting and enjoyable to read.

Key Stage 2

Children’s reading, writing and speaking skills develop in sophistication.  Children are able to read with increasing fluency and speed.  They are able to comprehend challenging texts and infer meaning.  Their writing is developed and children are able to proof read their work, checking for errors and making important decisions in the editing process.  Children’s writing shows evidence of higher level punctuation and grammar.  The children’s written voice evolves as they select the most appropriate vocabulary, phrases, punctuation and grammar, in order to create an engaging piece of writing.

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