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Science at Nelmes allows children to explore the exciting and ever-changing world around them. We have an investigative approach at Nelmes and we have a wildlife area that encourages this hands-on approach. We ensure the children make a link between their knowledge and understanding. At the start of each science topic children make a mind map about what they know and then revisit this after their learning to identify the learning progress they have made. Discussion between the children is promoted as they explain their reasoning and articulate their understanding about the world around them, using key scientific vocabulary. 

The children are given opportunities to explore the environment around them. They explore materials, objects and living things. Through talk and observation the children learn about and question how things work.

Key Stage 1
The children develop their understanding by using investigative science.  They observe changes and explain scientific concepts using simple scientific vocabulary that has been taught. Using books, iPads and videos the children’s learning of the world around them is enriched even further.
Key Stage 2
The children broaden their scientific view of the world around them. They think of their own scientific questions that they then answer through investigations. They make observations over time and look for patterns. They draw conclusions and use scientific vocabulary with confidence. The children leave Nelmes understanding that scientific ideas change and develop over time.



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