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Healthy Lifestyles


At Nelmes Primary School, our intent for Healthy Lifestyles is to give our pupils consistent messages throughout the school about all aspects of health and encouraging and developing positive attitudes towards a healthy diet and lifestyle. As a school we recognise the link between a healthy balanced diet and the children’s ability to learn, concentrate and achieve in school and this is reflected within lesson plans and resources created as part of our relationship programme.

The aim of our Healthy lifestyles curriculum is to:

  • To promote a whole school approach to a healthy lifestyle
  • To encourage children and staff to make informed decisions on a healthy lifestyle based on positive attitudes and information
  • To help children develop greater confidence, motivation, self-esteem and have the skills, information and understanding to make important life and health choices.
  • To increase the children’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of water in their diet
  • To provide high quality Physical Education and School Sport and promote Physical Activity as part of a lifelong healthy lifestyle
  • To develop the teaching of Food Technology aspect of the Design and Technology Curriculum with regard to Healthy Eating
  • To provide children with activities to get them moving during their play and lunch times
  • To encourage children in the juniors to bring a healthy snack for morning break
  • To support the ‘Fruit for School’s’ initiative by encouraging KS1 children to eat one portion every day at break time
  • To achieve better academic results within a setting that supports their health and well being


An area of healthy lifestyles is taught at least twice for half an hour in half term; it is given dedicated time in order for the children to understand the impact of particular behaviours and encourage them to take responsibility for the lifestyle choices they make.

To ensure consistency and progression throughout the school, each year group is given a healthy lifestyles and balanced diet pack of resources relating to the age of the children for them to cover throughout the year. The teachers are then able to use these resources and ideas to plan their lessons accordingly.

Healthy lifestyles and balanced diets are evident in many areas of the curriculum therefore evidence will be very cross curricular. Some subject areas will cover many of our aims and objectives. Our pupils will experience most healthy lifestyles and balanced diet awareness within: PE, Science, Design and Technology and the Relationship programme. Although opportunities are available in other topics to further expand upon these aims.

Reception and KS1 children are encouraged to eat a portion of fruit a day at break times by their teachers. They are taught the basic aspects of self-care, the importance of good health and the 5 main food groups to help them choose healthy food options.

KS2 children revisit the aspects learnt from KS1 and build upon them. They also learn about the effects that food and sugary drinks have on their teeth and digestive system. The children will also look how positive body images can impact their health.



The healthy lifestyles programme and the outstanding teaching at Nelmes’ Primary ensures that the children are fully equipped to make responsible healthy lifestyle choices both within school and at home. Pupils have excellent attitudes towards their learning and are motivated learners who understand the importance of being fully engaged in their learning.

Monitoring of lessons and plans show that children are given a range of activities from the different aspects of the Healthy lifestyles curriculum, with children being provided with support when needed to make the right choices.

Effective termly monitoring indicate that children develop an awareness of key aspects of the Healthy Lifestyles curriculum throughout the whole school, including those with special needs and those who are pupil premium.

Pupil’s attitudes and their ability to use the healthy lifestyle choices they have been taught are good throughout the school, with older children proving to be excellent role models for the younger children to aspire to in their future years at Nelmes.